Dr. W. Barclay Stephens 

Memorial Chapter No. 5

San Francisco, California

Program & Mart

March 10, 2013

Registration and Mart open at 10:00 AM

Program follows immediately after the conclusion of the Mart (~1 PM)

The Program:


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Special Notices

Bring a friend or family member to the next meeting. NAWCC and Chapter 5 needs new members if we're to continue our great Marts and Programs. Also remember that we value your input on the types of programs you would like. Call or email Nile at 925-449-2127, jng3@aol.com


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General Antique/Collectible Auction Table – 10% Chapter Commission  

Members will now be able to sell non-horological collectibles at a silent auction table!  These tables will be located in the classroom where the presentations take place.  Each member will be allowed to bring up to 5 items to sell at auction.  Items may have an auction starting price and a “Buy It Now” price at which anyone may purchase the item as long as it does not have any bids on it.  Once an item has a bid on it, the “Buy it Now” feature is canceled.  Sellers will pay a 10% commission of the gross selling price directly to the Chapter.  


Tom Kochmann on Lathe Work

Click here to read Steve Garrison's amazing recap of the presentation given by Tom Kochmann at the May 2009 Chapter 5 meeting

Clock-related Wood Repairs by Jerry Konicek

Click here to read Steve Garrison's recap of the presentation given by Jerry Konicek at the January 2010 Chapter 5 meeting

Dr. W. Barclay Stephens

Price Russ worked long and hard in compiling a highly extensive collection of writing and  information regarding the great horologist and philanthropist, Dr. W. Barclay Stephens. If all goes well, we can expect a program from Price regarding this remarkable man in the near future. But, until then, Price has made his resource material available to us in the form of the three PDF files.

Stephens File One

Stephens File Two

Stephens File Three

Eight to ten silent auction tables available to all chapter members.


Dr. Robert Moore(l) shows a Hamilton pocket 
watch to Price Russ on the floor of the Chapter 5 Mart.


Fifty tables for chapter members to buy, sell or trade horologic items.

Mart Activity


Chapter Program Recaps

2011-2012 Chapter 5 Officers

  • President: Nile Godfrey  (jng3@aol.com) (925) 449 2127
  • Vice President: Ron Bechler
  • Secretary: Richard Paltenghi 
  • Treasurer: Jay Taylor

Questions, comments or suggestions about your Chapter? Please email us at info@sfchapter5.org.

Meeting Location

San Leandro Boys & Girls Club
401 Marina Blvd.
San Leandro, CA
Second Sunday of odd months

General Chapter Meeting Schedule

  • 10:30 Registration for non-members and guests.
  • After 12:?? Silent auction ends with a whistle.
  • 1:00 Membership meeting and program.
  • 2:00 Membership Meeting and Lecture ends.
  • 2:15 Board of Directors Meeting. (All members welcomed.)

Please remember to bring your current Chapter 5 Badge and your current NAWCC membership card with you!

Meeting Direction

NOTE: Marina Blvd. has two exits: use the East Exit.

  • From West Bay: Cross San Mateo Bridge (Rt 92). Exit Rt 92 to I-880 North. Stay on I-880 until Marina Blvd. Exit. GO RIGHT (toward hills) to San Leandro Blvd. The club is on your right. Parking in rear.
  • From South Bay: Take I-880 North to Marina Exit. Go right (East toward hills) to San Leandro Blvd. Club is on your right. Parking in rear.
  • From North/East: Take I-880 South to Marina Exit. GO LEFT (East toward the hills) to San Leandro Blvd. Club is on your right. Parking in rear.
  • From Sacramento: Take State 24 to Highway I-980 to I-880 South through Oakland. Take Marina exit. GO LEFT (East toward the hills) to San Leandro Blvd.. The club is on your right. Parking in the rear.
  • From Modesto: Take Highway I-580 (West) to State 238 to Highway I-880 North to Marina exit. Use Marina exit. GO RIGHT (East toward the hills) to San Leandro Blvd. Club is on the right. Parking in rear.

Using Bart: Exit San Leandro Station. Cross San Leandro Blvd. at light on Juana Ave. in front of station. Go South 7 blocks to Marina Blvd

A Few Reminders to Improve Our Meetings

The rules of the NAWCC and Chapter #5 are that only horological items are allowed at the Mart. No antique knives, coins, jewelry or other items not associated with horology. Especially fake watches.

Please, no parking along the side entrance to the parking lot in the rear. SLB&G Club has requested we bring this to your attention as the fire department is concerned. You may park, unload and immediately move to the parking lot.

Remember, the doors open for members and or Mart setup at 10:30 AM. This time is for both members and mart set-up. The only exceptions are (1) out of state members, (2) dealers with a nationally advertised catalog of items for sale or dealers with two or more tables of items to display. Please follow these rules as they are aimed at making our mart fair and reasonable for both sellers and buyers.

NAWCC Chapter

Meeting Address President Meeting Schedule
San Francisco, #5, Dr. W. Barclay Stephens Memorial Chapter  San Leandro Boys & Girls Club, 401 Marina Blvd., San Leandro, CA   Nile Godfrey  (jng3@aol.com)  (925) 449 2127 2nd Sunday, odd months 
Monterey Bay, #70  Live Oak Grange Hall,1900 17th Ave., Santa Cruz, CA  Randy Chapin (horology@cruzio.com) 3rd Sunday, odd months: 
Sacramento Valley, #71  Sacramento Garden Center, 3330 McKinley Blvd., Sacramento, CA  Stephen Dane (sd158@aol.com) 4th Sunday, odd months:  
De Anza, #94  Oddfellows Lodge, 20598 Homestead Rd., Cupertino, CA

Dan Blair (dan.james@att.net)(408) 267-8181 

2nd Sunday, even months: 
Diablo Valley, #107  Grange Hall, 743 Diablo Road, Danville, CA             George "Chips" Kumparak (chapter107nawcc@gmail.com) 2nd Sunday, even months: 

Chapter 5 - Registration and Dues

In order to be a member of Chapter 5, you must be a national member of NAWCC. You can join NAWCC on line by following the link below or enroll at the door of the Chapter 5 meeting. dues are $25.00 for a member ($26.00 with spouse). This $25.00 includes the printing of one badge. The membership form requests spouse's full name and nickname. If your spouse does not attend the meetings, please do not fill in this information. Filling in the spouse information will generate a badge for your spouse. If you request a badge for your spouse, there will be a $1.00 charge. You may order a badge for your spouse at any time. Please consider adding a voluntary contribution to our Annual Sustainability Fund. This helps ensure the future of your Chapter.

REGISTRATION FORM FOR CHAPTER 5 MEMBERSHIP - Make checks payable to: NAWCC Chapter #5. Mail this Registration Form and check to:

Jay Taylor, 1135 Morton Street, Alameda, CA 94501

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Name: ______________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________

City & State: ________________________________ Zip+4: __________________

NAWCC# _________________________  NAWCC Expiration Date: ___________

E-Mail: __________________________ Phone No: _________________________

Can we send you the meeting notice by email:   Yes________  No ________

Date: _____________________________ Spouse: ___________________________

Category: New Member: _____ Renewal: _____ Paid by: Check: ____ Cash: ____ or send through PayPal to info@sfchapter5.org and indicate the payment is for your membership.

Regional Links

NAWCC Home Page

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RIP Frank. We appreciate all you did for us.