NAWCC Dr. Stephens Chapter No. 5

National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors

San Francisco, California



Recap of May 2003 Program



Our May 11th Meeting  was held on Mothers Day with a moderate turnout. In the past years the Chapter has met on the first Sunday of May instead of the second Sunday. A very popular "Flea Market" recently got it's start in  old Alameda Naval Air Station and has become  the place to buy and sell. Of course it meets on the first Sunday of each month. With the first and second Sundays of May being bad, maybe we should try the third Sunday for our Chapter Meeting. It's a thought. After a short membership and business meeting, our program for the day was member Seth Finklestein speaking on Gremlins in watch repair. Seth has a repair shop in the Santa Cruz area about 90 miles south of San Francisco. The gremlins Seth talked about were the less obvious watch problems you normally don't run across on a normal cleaning or repair job. Things like worn jewels, pallet  jewels misplaced. bent balance staff pivots, hairspring problems, etc.. Seth provided picture handouts showing good and bad examples of these gremlins.

John Stohr NAWCC #79281