November 2004 Program


"Repairing Music Boxes"

presented by Don Day


Approximately 175 members and guest were present at our Sunday, November  14, 2004 meeting and mart. Our 50 mart tables  were almost full of sellers, but our 9 silent auction tables were full. With Christmas that close , the occupancy of the mart tables was disappointing, although sales were good.

President Frank Keillor conducted a short business meeting , including election of Directors  and  minor changes to the  Chapter's By-Laws. Elected Directors were; Larry Muzinich, Robert Moore, John Stohr, Don Day, Scott Seamans, and Richard Davis. 2005  Officers will be elected by the Directors. Treasurer Don Day reported the Chapter is very solvent.

Our  program for the  day was " Basic Music Box Repair" presented by Member Don Day. Don remarked that local repair  seem to be a dying profession and those still around were fully booked, however  repairs were still available on the East Coast. Don  presented slides on both cylinder and disk players, and highlighted basic repairs  on each type. As most present at the presentation were clock and watch types, we all enjoyed something that was new to us.

John Stohr NAWCC 79281